Congratulations Scholar Athletes

Congratulations to Tracy high wrestlers maintaining excellent academic standing while wrestling.

  • Nicholas Bronson
  • Franky Rotondi
  • Nate Stroup
  • Eli Blackwell
  • Sammo Blackwell
  • Alex Gougousis
  • Anthony Gougousis
  • Andrew Manibusan
  • Brock McCarty
  • Riley Revino
  • Angel Romo
  • Kyle Silveira
  • Octavio Torres

Special award given to Alex Gougousis who maintained a 4.0 GPA

Wrestling Hall of Fame and Pro Football Hall of Fame will have “Wrestling and Football” Exhibit

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is partnering with the Pro Football Hall of Fame to feature a “Wrestling and Football” exhibit at the NCAA Wrestling Fan Fest in the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland – Hall A on March 15-17. Held in conjunction with the NCAA Division I Wrestling Championships in Cleveland, the Fan Fest is free to the public.

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Tracy High’s Eli Blackwell Headed to Bakersfield

Tracy High sophomore Eli Blackwell in two consecutive weeks has reached the podium of section divisional and section masters wrestling tournaments. He has now qualified himself to compete in the pinnacle of California high school wrestling, the CIF state tournament. The tournament will take place at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield this weekend.

2018 Varsity TCAL Results

The Tracy High varsity squad competed for dominance in the TCAL this past Saturday.  All 11 varsity participants medaled in their respective weight classes with 3 as eventual champions in Eli Blackwell at 115, Sammo Blackwell at 147, and Brock McCarty at 184. Below are the details of those results. Senior Brock McCarty also received the Mendoza award for the senior champion that exemplifies good citizenship and a positive representative for the sport in the league. Congratulations!

Eli Blackwell (Tracy) – 115
Champ. Round 1 – Eli Blackwell (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Eli Blackwell (Tracy) over Zachary Oliveira-Taylor (Lodi) (Fall 1:59)
1st Place Match – Eli Blackwell (Tracy) over Anthony Urrea (Lincoln  (Stockton)) (Dec 6-3)

Samuel Blackwell (Tracy) – 147
Champ. Round 1 – Samuel Blackwell (Tracy) over Unknown (For.)
Semifinals – Samuel Blackwell (Tracy) over Juan Alatorre (St. Mary`S) (Dec 9-2)
1st Place Match – Samuel Blackwell (Tracy) over Jacob Pursell (Tokay) (Dec 6-3)

Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) – 172
Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) over David Millet (Merrill West) (Fall 2:24)
Champ. Round 1 – Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Carter Bozovich (Tokay) over Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) (Fall 1:05)
Cons. Semis – Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) received a bye
3rd Place Match – Merrick Ward (Lodi) over Nicholas Bronson (Tracy) (Fall 5:23)

Jaime Cachu (Tracy) – 140
Champ. Round 1 – Jaime Cachu (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Jacob Lalonde (Lodi) over Jaime Cachu (Tracy) (Fall 2:00)
Cons. Semis – Jaime Cachu (Tracy) received a bye
3rd Place Match – Peter Sim (Tokay) over Jaime Cachu (Tracy) (Fall 3:27)

Anthony Gougousis (Tracy) – 154
Semifinals – Nicholas Jasperson (Lodi) over Anthony Gougousis (Tracy) (Fall 1:27)
Cons. Semis – Anthony Gougousis (Tracy) received a bye
3rd Place Match – Andrew Senner (Tokay) over Anthony Gougousis (Tracy) (Fall 4:00)

Andrew Manibusan (Tracy) – 134
Champ. Round 1 – Andrew Manibusan (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Trenton Edalgo (Tokay) over Andrew Manibusan (Tracy) (Fall 3:15)
Cons. Semis – Andrew Manibusan (Tracy) received a bye
3rd Place Match – Nathan Plath (Lodi) over Andrew Manibusan (Tracy) (MD 12-2)

Brock McCarty (Tracy) – 184
Champ. Round 1 – Brock McCarty (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Brock McCarty (Tracy) over Livio Mamola (Lodi) (Inj. [time])
1st Place Match – Brock McCarty (Tracy) over Cameron Senner (Tokay) (Fall 1:48)

Riley Revino (Tracy) – 128
Champ. Round 1 – Riley Revino (Tracy) received a bye
Semifinals – Riley Revino (Tracy) over Xavier Korcz (Tokay) (Fall 5:48)
1st Place Match – Evan Vang (Lincoln  (Stockton)) over Riley Revino (Tracy) (Dec 5-1)

Angel Romo (Tracy) – 287
Champ. Round 1 – Angel Romo (Tracy) over Unknown (For.)
Semifinals – Dalton Paine (St. Mary`S) over Angel Romo (Tracy) (Fall 4:40)
Cons. Semis – Angel Romo (Tracy) over Adrian Guzman (Lincoln  (Stockton)) (Fall 2:34)
3rd Place Match – Benjamin Bishop (Lodi) over Angel Romo (Tracy) (Fall 4:31)

Kyle Silveira (Tracy) – 162
Champ. Round 1 – Kyle Silveira (Tracy) over Unknown (For.)
Semifinals – Joseph Valdez (Tokay) over Kyle Silveira (Tracy) (Fall 4:00)
Cons. Semis – Kyle Silveira (Tracy) over Guillermo Cordero (Lincoln  (Stockton)) (Fall 2:00)
3rd Place Match – Kyle Silveira (Tracy) over Michael Funes-Solis (Merrill West) (Fall 1:23)

Jonathon Uhl (Tracy) – 122
Champ. Round 1 – Jonathon Uhl (Tracy) over Miguel Huizar (Merrill West) (Fall 4:53)
Semifinals – Jackson King (Lincoln  (Stockton)) over Jonathon Uhl (Tracy) (MD 10-0)
Cons. Semis – Jonathon Uhl (Tracy) received a bye
3rd Place Match – Jonathon Uhl (Tracy) over Alexander Bungalon (St. Mary`S) (Fall 2:36)

You can find more details regarding this event using the following link.