2017-2018 Varsity Season Statistics

The 2017-18 season was filled with many ups and downs. Stats were kept using the TrackStats on TrackWrestling.  For most tournaments, the stats were automatically tracked. For our dual meets, stats were tracked in real-time using the same TrackStat software used for managing tournaments.

The coaching staff would like to thank all those who contributed to keeping stats up to date, especially Coach Noah who always made sure every match was counted.  JV matches were also tracked but are not included in the report below and will be published later. The exception to tracked matches were the Novice tournament (not JV or Varsity level) and our two scrimmages (scrimmage dual vs Patterson High School and pre-season at Rio Vista). A full breakout of every category is available upon request. The following reports show the top 5 only in key categories for boys only.  Girls stats were tracked separately (will merge).


Pins Fall
Samuel Blackwell 19
Brock McCarty 15
Eli Blackwell 13
Riley Revino 7
Angel Romo 5


(includes wins by forfeit in dual meets) 
Eli Blackwell 43
Samuel Blackwell 28
Brock McCarty 28
Riley Revino 12
Kyle Silveira 11


 Takedowns T2
Eli Blackwell 62
Samuel Blackwell 50
Brock McCarty 38
Kyle Silveira 17
Riley Revino 16


  Near falls N3 N2 N4
Eli Blackwell 18 16 0
Samuel Blackwell 13 10 0
Brock McCarty 8 9 0
Riley Revino 3 6 0
Angel Romo 3 1 0


 Escapes E1
Brock McCarty 31
Eli Blackwell 25
Samuel Blackwell 18
Anthony Gougousis 11
Riley Revino 9


 Reversals R2
Eli Blackwell 24
Brock McCarty 12
Jonathon Uhl 8
Kyle Silveira 8
Riley Revino 7